New look of Panin Financial's Website

21 December 2015


Jakarta, December 21, 2015 - PT Panin Financial Tbk (the "Company") today announced the launch of the redesign of its website that is The main features of the site, including the design of cleaner and more attractive, user friendly experience in the search and navigation information.

The new look of the website which is a manifestation of the Company's business in order to improve transparency and increase the access of shareholders and other stakeholders on the Company's current information and updated as the implementation of the principles of good corporate governance.

Company continually reorganize themselves and trying to follow the development of the capital markets and investment, especially in the field of information technology. With information technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, the launch of this website is a huge milestone to provide ease of monitoring the development of the Company by the investors, shareholders and stakeholders. "

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